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Bread croutons

Baked golden croutons, perfect to combine with sauces, cheeses and cold cuts.


"Nonna Rosaria" Organic Tomato Sauce

Organic tomato sauce made in the Fucino Valley with a delicate and fragrant taste.

425 g

"Nonna Rosaria" ready to use Organic Tomato Sauce 

100% organic tomato sauce, ready for your pasta.

350 g

Tubetto "Verrigni"

To prepare a traditional pasta "Abruzzese" with beans or for many other soups.

500 g

Qubetto "Verrigni"

Little lovely "cubes", a great pasta with an unusual shape!

500 g

Out of stock


Mezzi rigatoni "Verrigni"

Put them to the test with a baked pasta!

500 g

Fusillone "Verrigni"

Irresistible "fusilli" that will make your head spin.

500 g

Pennoni rigati "Verrigni"

High quality short pasta by Verrigni, large version of the traditional "penne".

500 g

Linguine "Verrigni"

The original italian, long pasta, with a lively and delicious personality.

500 g

Super spaghettone "Verrigni"

Thick, tasty, super structured spaghetti by Verrigni.

500 g

Spaghetto al volo plus "Verrigni"

For those always on the run: the special Verrigni's spaghetti ready in just three minutes!

500 g

Rosemary needles "Alle Radici"

Organic rosemary needles, naturally dried.

30 g

Rosemary needles "Alle Radici" small

Organic rosemary needles, naturally dried.

10 g

Bay leaves "Alle Radici"

Dried bay leaves to give an irresistible aroma to your dishes

6 g

Sage leaves "Alle Radici"

Dried sage leaves to give a rich touch of flavor

6 g

Spelled Cereal

Organic spelled cereal for each season: it is used in cold salads or soups.

400 g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Isopo" 60 ml

Delicate and fragrant oil that is born in the mountains of the Roveto Valley.

60 ml

"Isopo" Organic Olive Oil - 100 ml

Delicate and fragrant 100% organic oil that is born in the mountains of the Roveto Valley.

100 ml

Aromatic Salt "Alle Radici"

A structured salt enriched with spices to enhance vegetables and meats.

100 g

Flavored salt "Alle Radici" small

Salt flavored with spices.

50 g

Organic Saffron Dried Stigmas from Avezzano and Magliano de' Marsi

The most famous spice of Abruzzo, a precious ingredient for the traditional "risotto".

0,1 g

Organic Chickpeas

Chickpeas half-cooked preserved in water and salt, excellent for soups or sauces.

340 g

Out of stock


Borlotti beans

Borlotti beans half-cooked preserved in water and salt, excellent for soups or sauces.

340 g

Cannellini beans

Cannellini beans half-cooked preserved in water and salt, excellent for soups or sauces.

340 g

Sweet Ferratelle Cookies

A real joy for the lovers of the legendary Abruzzo dessert, a sweet discovery for those who have never tried it before!

300 g

Egg-red donuts

Baked from a small village oven, they will give you a taste of our confectionery tradition.

300 g

Organic Rosehip Juice "Alle Radici"

An organic juice that enhances all the vitamin and anti-inflammatory properties of the rosehip.

200 ml

Apricot Jam "Alle Radici"

To rediscover the taste of a genuine apricot jam with no added sugar.

200 g

Quince Jam "Alle Radici"

A nice, organic jam, made with local quinces for your sweet breaks.

200 g

Pears, peppers and saffron jam "Alle Radici"

Original and creamy jam, will give an original color to your bread and cheese.

100 g


Fertè Coffee "Officina 5 Caffè"

Arabica and Java come together for an italian coffee with a strong and gentle character.

250 g

Altino's Sweet Red Pepper Powder

Sweet red pepper powder made in the little village of Altino, officially mentioned among the typical products of Abruzzo.

Dried Whole Sweet Red Altino's Peppers "ACA"

Sweet local peppers for experimenting with new preparations in your kitchen.

50 g

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White Truffle Oil "La Serra"

To flavor "bruschette" or pasta with the delicate notes of white truffle.

55 ml

Truffle Sauce "La Serra"

A creamy triumph of the Abruzzo truffle, irresistible.

80 g

Black Truffle Oil "Verdesapore"

An oil that will make you experience all the authentic flavor of the black truffle.

100 ml

Zucchini in Oil "Verdesapore"

One of the typical vegetables of Abruzzo, immediately ready to taste.

500 g

Out of stock


Sweet and sour peppers "Verdesapore"

Inviting and full-bodied peppers in sweet and sour sauce.

500 g

Out of stock


Abruzzese sauce "Alle Radici"

Abruzzese sauce based on peppers to accompany croutons or cheeses.

100 g

Bruschette cream "Alle Radici"

A simple and quick idea to make a tasty bruschetta.

100 g

Organic chopped vegetables cream "Alle Radici"

To be used to prepare the base of a sauce or to fill a crouton.

100 g


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