The most authentic tale of our territory, told by the genuine taste of the Nero d'Abruzzo pig

Do you know Nero d'Abruzzo?

The Nero d'Abruzzo is a type of pig already present at the time of the Romans. Its widespread distribution has unfortunately been canceled by the introduction of intensive breeding. Today, thanks also to the work of Fattoria Valle Magica, the Nero d’Abruzzo pig has been rediscovered for its great qualities and the unique taste of its meat.

Nero d’Abruzzo – Limited Edition

Pre-order the Nero d'Abruzzo limited edition box to receive it between December 9th and December 13th (perfect as a Christmas present, don't you think?)


The box contains:

  • Salame di Nero d'Abruzzo "Fattoria Valle Magica" (300 g) The typical Salami of Abruzzo, made from selected cuts of lean meat with added fat and cured in natural casings.

  • Lonza di Nero d'Abruzzo "Fattoria Valle Magica" (300 g) Made from the best cuts of meat from the neck and flavoured simply with salt and pepper.

  • Lardo di Nero d'Abruzzo "Fattoria Valle Magica" (250 g) A beautiful pure white cut of cured lard, possibly with  a touch of pale, pink meat

  • Sweet and sour Peppers "Verdesapore" (340 g)

  • Garlic Scape dip"Alle Radici" (100 g)

  • Bread Croutons "Forno Cipriani" (150 g)

Tradition, love, new connections... and a dream.

Yhe knowledge, ethics and traditions that inspire the vision of Fattoria Valle Magica are deeply rooted in the ancient local Abruzzo traditions. The inspiration for this adventure came from an unexpected and casual encounter: the one with Riccardo, an elderly Abruzzese gentleman suffering from Alzheimer's. Thanks to his childhood stories, spent on a farm in the mountainous area near L'Aquila, Riccardo ignited a spark in the imagination of the founders of the Farm, who began to search for a lifestyle that reminded them of the same flavors, the charm and passion described so magically by their new friend from Abruzzo.
A particularly fascinating story concerned the way Riccardo's family bred Nero d'Abruzzo: their pigs were raised outdoors, in an oak wood where they could feast on a good supply of acorns, thus contributing to a really taste incredible meat. Riccardo described the Norcini winter wait, the expert artisans who traveled from Umbria to Abruzzo to process the meat of the pigs. Together with Norcini, Riccardo learned the value of knowledge and skills in creating cured meats for family use during the following year.
Having learned from Riccardo how to breed traditional and rustic pigs in open woods to create excellent meat, Ralph and Ninke, founders of Fattoria Valle Magica, have begun to trace the descendants of the ancient Norcini, qualified custodians of the ancient trade with generations of inherited knowledge. Now they collaborate with these descendants, working side by side to recreate the products and flavors that Riccardo has been able to pass on with so much passion and nostalgia.

Un modo nuovo di scoprire il territorio: la storia di Fattoria Valle Magica.

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