Good morning bears!

The new Broozy box, entirely dedicated to the Marsican bear!

Good morning bears!

In this box you will find a selection of products designed to give energy and charge when you wake up. We were inspired by one of the most popular symbols of our region, the Marsicano bear, to create a mix of unique and rare specialties.

Good morning bears!

Quince Apple Jam, Rosehip Juice and Ironwort Honey have been chosen because they are some of the foods the bear is fond of when it comes out of the den. And there is also a tribute to the Abruzzese tradition with the Ferratelle, a typical dessert widely distributed throughout the region, and a blend of coffee made in Abruzzo through a craft technique that will surprise you!

Good morning bears!

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In this box you will find:

Ferratelle "Sorelle Persia" (300 g)

Flour, sugar, eggs, lard, soybean oil, natural flavors.

Civitella Roveto (AQ)

A joy for lovers of the legendary Abruzzo dessert, a sweet discovery for those who have never tried it before.

Rosehip juice "Alle Radici" (200 ml)

100% Ironwort Honey

Pescasseroli (AQ)

Ironwort (stregonia) is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties.

Quince Extra Jam "Alle Radici" (500 g)

Quinces (67%), sugar, lemon juice.

Massa D'Albe (AQ)

An absolutely original jam for your sweet breaks.

Ironwort Honey "Costrini" (500 g)

Water, rosehip berries, sugar, lemon juice.

Massa D'Albe (AQ)

A juice that enhances all the vitamin and anti-inflammatory properties of wild rose.

Fertè Coffee "Officina 5 Caffè" (250 g)

100% Arabica coffee + Java

Fara San Martino (CH)

Arabica and Java come together for a coffee with a strong and gentle character.

In the box you will find the pin of Save the bear!

A percentage of the sales of our boxes contributes to the projects of the association, thanks also to you we will be able to make a concrete contribution to the preservation of the last Marsican bears.

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