Broozy’s commitment to the territory

The first time we met Mario Cipollone, founding partner and manager of the Salviamo l’Orso projects, it was in Pescina, the town of Ignazio Silone and Mazzarino, a place that tells the story of internal Abruzzo, the one that overlooks the Fucino plain in the middle of Marsica. The summer we had just left behind, that of 2017, had marked our forests with enormous wounds: thousands of green hectares in the region, more than 6,000 according to the WWF, had been destroyed by the fires. For days the smell of burnt has wrapped towns and villages in Abruzzo in a torrid and unlucky season, where the sense of powerlessness has given way to a reflection on how to act to restore what the fire had wiped out.

Also for this reason, the desire to combine the Broozy project with an operation to safeguard the territory, has become increasingly strong. We have chosen a reality that operates concretely, through targeted, rapid and immediate impact projects. This is how our collaboration with Salviamo l’Orso was born. Salviamo l’orso is an association of volunteers who work every day to safeguard the habitat of the Marsican bear.

The projects are carried out through constant awareness, in order to bring people closer to the association’s activities and to their cause. One of the biggest threats to this tiny population of animals (there are around 50 remaining specimens) is, of course, the man. For this reason Salviamo l’Orso is committed to helping the communities that live most closely with the plantigrade with concrete projects.

The projects of the association foresee a 360 degree protection of the habitat in which the bears live and pass, here are some:

positioning of the hives to favor the natural reconstruction of the vegetation cover thanks to the activity of pollination of the bees.

vaccination of stray and work dogs, with registration in the canine registry, to protect bears from diseases that can potentially transmit dogs, such as distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, infectious hepatitis.

improvement of habitat quality and production of wild or abandoned fruit trees in areas historically frequented by the Marsican bear.

functional restoration and maintenance of underpasses, essential to guarantee safe passage of the fauna through the state roads. safety of small farms, chicken coops and apiaries through the supply of electric fences.

These are just some of the interventions, all updates on the association’s activity are available on the official website www.salviamolorso.it, where it is possible to give concrete help through a donation or by registering to become members (annual fee of € 20).

Broozy has decided to make a commitment to guaranteeing Salviamo l’orso a percentage of the box sales on www.broozyofficial.com to one of the many ongoing projects, in order to be able to contribute to the expenses and share the extraordinary work that the volunteers manage to bring forward in our territory.

A collaboration that combines with our idea of ​​sharing all the beauty and goodness of Abruzzo.

(credits per le foto di questa pagina: Salviamo l’Orsosito webpagina Facebook)

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