Imagine driving one day through the roads that cross the Abruzzo National Park and from time to time look at those big orange signs with the profile of a bear where it is written to slow down. Imagine having to explain to the person who may be sitting next to you, or to your children playing behind, that those signs are no longer needed, that the bears no longer live in the Park since they are now definitively extinct.
Now, do you feel that feeling too? The sorrow mixes with the idea of ​​a failure, that of a community that has failed to protect an animal that has always lived in those areas and has never shown aggression towards man. It is a feeling that comes very deeply, and this is already an important reason to mobilize so that this does not happen. Because the bear is a fundamental natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is the symbol of a territory that really knows how to defend its history and is committed to passing it on. Protecting the bears means putting in place a great network of commitment on the part of the volunteers, who daily work to make sure that the bear does not go to the inhabited centers and that its passage is the least risky possible for him and for man.

Thanks to the boxes you ordered on Broozy in these first 11 months of startup, we were able to make a donation to Save the bear for the purchase of three hives to place in the coming weeks. We have chosen this association for the seriousness and the great dedication of its volunteers, as well as the quality and effectiveness of the projects that are carried out. For this donation we have chosen to lend a hand to the bees. Bees are the basis of life in the woods (and not only): thanks to their tireless and precious work they allow the pollination process, fundamental for the preservation of the habitat and for the restoration of those areas that in recent years have been tormented by the summer fires. Soon we will let you know when they will be placed, but we cannot fail to renew, on our behalf and in the association, immense gratitude for having chosen us. Each Broozy box contributes to giving concrete support to the Abruzzo region, and in particular in the last one we wanted to give ample space to our bear friend.

The new box that we have dedicated to the Marsican bear is a story that starts from the fruits of our woods: quince and rosehip berries are essential foods for bears, especially the rosehip berries provide nourishment to bears even during winter, when they go sporadically out of the den. Quince jam and dog rose juice are a real specialty, produced by the company “Alle Radici” of Massa d’Albe. Ironwort honey is produced in the Abruzzo National Park, in Pescasseroli, by Pietrantonio Costrini, while ferratelle come from a small bakery in Civitella Roveto, that of the “Sorelle Persia”. We added a coffee blend that is toasted by hand in Fara San Martino from “Officina 5 Caffè

In the box you will also find the pin of Salviamo the bear and our shopping bag designed by Alleg. If you want to find out more about the activities of the association, visit www.salviamolorso.it
Thank you, see you soon!

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